GE Air Conditioner Repair

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 Built-in air conditioners do not have the side or top vents that are typical for window air conditioners. Built-in units offer a better weather barrier than standard window air conditioners.

Window air conditioning units are portable, and are not installed into the structure of the home or building. GE Appliances window air conditioners are designed to fit traditional-style windows and come with GE Appliances’ EZ-mount installation.

Measure the square footage of the room or rooms to be cooled. If an exact match of cooling capacity is not possible, it is preferable to select a unit which is slightly undersize in BTUs, rather than oversize.

If the area to be cooled includes a kitchen, add an additional 4000 BTU/hr.

When sizing larger living areas, it is usually better to use at least two air conditioners rather than one large unit. Doing so offers better air distribution which reduces the likelihood of hot and cold spots.