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Dryer Repair Services San Diego | GE Repair San Diego, CA
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dryer repair san diego

When you call a technician to repair your dryer, you should know that many repairs can be done by yourselves. You can solve many issues yourself but not all of them. A cordless drill, Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, putty knife, shop vacuum, and shop light are necessary for you while repairing.

For example, if the dryer produces no heat or does not heat up enough, what to do? First , turn machine to a heating cycle. Then you should clean the lint filter. After cleaning vent tube check your circuit breakers.

Then determine if heating element is working.

GE dryer repair San Diego

And what to do if a dryer does not start? If you discover the plug and melted receptacle, do not use the heater until you can entirely replace all affected items.

Then you should check door actuator. Then it is necessary to check door switch. If this is not working, replace this item.

So, dryer repair is not always a problem. But be careful! It is advisable to call a technician! It is safer!

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