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The best GE washer | GE Repair in San Diego, California
best GE washer repair service San Diego

Are you preparing to buy a GE washer?

Most people use top load washers (or traditional washers), because they grew up with them and believe in their reliability. Traditional top load washers are reliable. And the newest GE models come with an agitator and deep fill option.

For example, GE Smart washer has got an intelligent dispenser that holds up to 48 loads of detergent and automatically dispenses the right amount. Therefore, it saves time and makes laundry effortless. You can get even the most heavily soiled items perfectly clean in a single cycle. The system adds detergent, agitates, and soaks, then drains the dirty water and repeats the wash process.


Enjoy the ultimate in convenience and the latest in technology with the ability to monitor and control your laundry from anywhere and receive real-time notifications and updates!

Unlike the top loader, the front loader’s basket of GE washer sets horizontally, so gravity pulls water through the clothes – using less energy, water and detergent.best GE washer service

And you can remove 99.9% of bacteria with a dedicated cycle that uses an Oxi additive to boost your detergent’s cleaning power. while keeping fabrics looking and feeling their best.

Laundry rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often space can become an issue. GE stackable washers provide a great solution for laundry areas in tight quarters. Stack your washer and dryer to cut the amount of space.

Long-lasting stainless steel finish resists rust and won’t chip, peel or snag clothes!

Portable washers from GE Appliances are the perfect solution for people that are renting a home that doesn’t provide laundry machines. They’re also perfect for smaller homes that lack room to install a washer. GE Appliance portable washers have 8 wash cycles, 3 wash/rinse temperature options and seven water level options. They offer consumers water and energy savings.

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